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LINK-PP Modjacks

LINK-PP Modular Jacks include single and multi-port solutions, are designed to provide secure and reliable input/output connections, featuring a unique locking system to prevent mis-mating and accidental unplugging due to shock and vibration. Available in shielded and unshielded variants, these connectors are compact, one-piece constructions with preloaded contacts, offering a space-saving and quick-to-install solution with enhanced design flexibility. Widely used in data communications, telecom, networking, consumer devices, and industrial applications. Modular Connectors support a broad range of Ethernet data speeds. They feature a simple, flexible, and low-profile design ideal for LAN applications, particularly Network Interface Cards. Cat 3 modular jacks support 16Mbps signals for phones, modems, and POS terminal machines, while Cat 5 jacks support 100Mbps signals for switches, routers, and hubs. Efficient production processes ensure cost-effective modular jacks and plugs, delivering high performance and superior reliability.
  • 1. Single-port, ganged and stacked multi-port versions
  • 2. Right-angle, Vertical top/bottom-entry styles,through-hole or SMT soldering,
  • 3. Suitable for CAT 3, CAT 5, CAT 5e, CAT 6, CAT 6a applications
  • 4. High temperature thermoplastic material
  • 5. Able to withstand reflow soldering process
  • 6. Available in low profile versions
  • 7. Easy to use and install
  • 8. RoHS compliant
  • 9. Meets environmental, health and safety requirements
Transceptores LINK-PP